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My Sweet Infected, Fiction Collectors Paperback

My Sweet Infected, Fiction Collectors Paperback

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First published in 2014 on Amazon Kindle and Createspace Paperback. I recently found a box with a dozen pristine first edition paperbacks including the afterward that was removed from the 2nd edition very shortly after publication. The book wasn't well received though it got a 5 star review from a professional editor who claimed it was nearly flawless for a self published book, but totally not their cup of tea.

Why? Well it had a fairly strong LGBT theme running through it that no one in my audience at that time was able to accept. I had been somewhat fearful that would be the case so had already toned it down a bit to make it more generic, but apparently it was still too imposing to some. I experienced heartache over that, having grown to love and identify with my protagonist. The result was de-publishing it and deleting the originals on Amazon, which had taken over Createspace by then. If I do decide to rewrite this, expand and extend the universe, and strengthen the relationship in question it will be a different book, though might have the same title. Who knows?

I was recently cleaning a closet in my old office and found a dozen of these and am offering them as collector editions and will sign and date each one sold. Image reflects actual cover.

Back Cover Content: 

While looting the remains of a society decimated by a viral weapon Porter stumbles across abandoned six year old Emma and takes her to raise as his Protege, mentoring her in the skills of combat and survival.

Eleven years later they make a daring escape from the corrupt Village Chief who set Porter up for execution to take Emma as his own. They slip out of the confines of the steel walls around the village with three others who wish to make a new future outside those constricting walls.

The world outside the village is a terrifying place inhabited by the infected survivors of a virus that destroyed society lying dormant in wait of prey. In the midst of danger, threat and survival sparks ignite between Porter and Emma defying their attempts to keep walls between them as teacher and student.

In the heat of battle Emma discovers a horrifying secret about herself, one that Porter has known since the day he discovered her, and it threatens to tear apart everything she has believed about herself and her world. Can the relationships and bonds of trust she's formed withstand the secret as it consumes her body and soul?

A new author dives into the dystopian pool with this novel of unconventional zombies, survivalists, romance, triangles and a culture on the brink of collapse.
Content Advisory: sexuality and sensuality are alluded to in a non-explicit manner. Scenes of descriptive violence. Suitable for well-read 17 year olds.

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